about us

Company Profile

Kintaty Sarl is a Cameroonian Entertainment company with mission to invest in the promotion & exploitation of arts and culture in its various forms and media of expression for a global audience while maintaining its African heritage. Our goal is to promote a strong and articulate culture through diversified business segments: (www.kintaty.com)

Kintaty Music Publishing

We currently own and administer rights of 23 writers from Cameroon, and look forward to expanding rapidly. We are registered with SAMRO in South Africa, SONACAM in Cameroon and have a sub publishing agreement with Sheer Publishing, South Africa, which is part of the Downtown Music Network, giving our writers better opportunities. (www.kintaty.com/publishing)

Digital Distibution

Through our partnership with The Music Industry CC, South Africa, we distribute our catalog and that of other artists or labels throughout the world efficiently considering the African context. We also have a special partnership with Boomplay; the leading streaming platform in Cameroon & Africa, to ensure effective promotion of our catalog (www.kintaty.com/distribution)


We run a promotion agency called Choubah!, currently the website acts as an entertainment blog; with 6 dedicated bloggers; primary revenues come from Google ads; and payola for the bloggers, however we look forward to grow and expand through label & management services (www.choubah.net )

Tittup Music

Tittup Music is the Urban Music imprint of Kintaty Sarl, with mission to promote youth and urban culture. We currently have 5 artists under our control. Sedi B, Briana Lesley, Dyllann, Jules Vérité & Pixey Anna. We look forward to producing more acts and more content for the catalog. (www.tittupmusic.com).


Mutumbu is an imprint of Kintaty Sarl; which acts as a record label for the world music genre. We currently have 5 artists; M Solo, Tribute Sisters, Adeline Mbenkum, Ledoux Marcelin,& Chilli Wawaye: and a wider catalog, including Melody Agora (Album) by Richard Kings. (www.mutumbu.com)



Leading Pan African Music Publisher

(South Africa )